Tip •  2023-04-17

Tips for getting the most out of Enlist E3™ soybeans this year

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Did you choose the Enlist Weed Control System and Enlist E3 soybeans this year? You aren’t alone, did you know that we predict almost half of all soybean acres in North America will be Enlist E3 soybeans?

The Enlist program approach to weed control is a two-pass system that uses multiple modes of action to effectively manage hard-to-control and resistant weeds in Enlist E3 soybeans. Enlist E3 soybeans are tolerant to 2,4-D, glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides, which are part of a strong resistance management strategy.

Enlist E3 is the easiest solution for soybeans, making it an investment in this season’s weed control and yield, while reducing the risk of resistant weeds in your fields.

If you’re investing in the Enlist weed control system – pairing Enlist E3 soybeans with Enlist herbicides here’s a list of the top tips and reminders from our agronomic team to help you get the most out of your E3 soybean acres this year.

Keep your equipment clean

  • Always read and follow product label instructions, including proper tank clean out practices. Make sure to start the season with a clean sprayer.
  • Avoid switching equipment back and forth (like sprayers and planters) between trait systems to reduce extra cleaning requirements.
  • If using a custom applicator, ask if they are running multiple herbicide systems. If they are, ensure they thoroughly clean all sprayer equipment between fields or systems.  A triple rinse is important!

Make recording keep a priority

  • Keep detailed records of equipment cleaning when switching herbicide traits and varieties, including seed drills and planters.
  • Record each time you fill up your seed drill or planter, making sure to note the trait system and variety. This is especially important when ‘topping’ up in the field to avoid mixing trait systems.

Mark your fields

  • Sign or flag each field to help identify the herbicide trait planted in each field.
  • Field signage is especially helpful for custom applicators and employees.

There are so many benefits to the Enlist Weed Control System and E3 soybeans:

  • Enlist E3 soybeans provide high yield potential soybean genetics and industry leading triple-mode of action herbicide tolerance.
  • A Program Approach utilizing pre-emergence herbicides reduces early season competition from grass and broadleaf weeds.
  • Multiple modes of action help in the control of herbicide resistant and hard to control weeds.
  • Effective and timely post-emergent herbicide applications result in clean fields at harvest.

The Enlist weed control system is the most effective, easiest herbicide system to use in soybeans.

For more information about Enlist E3 soybeans or the Enlist weed control system, contact your local Pioneer sales representative , your preferred Brevant or Enlist E3 soybeans retailer.