Agronomy •  2021-10-05

The Perfect Pair for cleaning up weedy fields: Brevant™ seeds Roundup Ready® Canola + Eclipse™ XC

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Drawing on over 30 years of global R&D, Corteva Agriscience develops high-yielding canola hybrids with industry leading traits, agronomics and disease packages that give Western Canadian farmers an opportunity to produce high quality canola year after year.

Brevant® seeds Roundup Ready® canola hybrids belong to the leading herbicide system that has helped farmers grow more canola on every acre since its introduction in the mid-1990s.

Brevant seeds continues to expand and improve this offering with Roundup Ready canola hybrids designed to help farmers improve their bottom line. Brevant seeds Roundup Ready canola hybrids provide industry-leading clubroot resistance and options for harvest.

For instance, D3158CM is a Roundup Ready canola hybrid that offers high yields and consistent performance with industry leading clubroot resistance along with options for harvest. Or check out B1030N a new high-yielding Brevant seeds Roundup Ready canola hybrid with an excellent clubroot and blackleg package, strong standability and the Nexera trait to maximize your profit opportunity.

The evolution of herbicide options in Roundup Ready canola

Another benefit of the Roundup Ready canola system is the ability to remove tough-to-control weeds like cleavers, wild buckwheat, dandelion and thistles using the broad-spectrum weed control that glyphosate offers.

But even with the power of glyphosate, managing these tough weeds can be a challenge – mainly because they are incredibly tenacious and highly competitive.

Wild buckwheat seeds, for instance, have a tough coat and germinate only when weathering breaks down that outer surface. This means wild buckwheat seeds can germinate at different times throughout the season making herbicide timing difficult.

Or there’s Canada thistle, which has an extensive, creeping root system, meaning roots spread horizontally across a wide area. And they’re deep, which helps it survive drought conditions.

Unless these weeds are particularly small, in the 2- to 3-leaf stage, glyphosate alone is often not enough to adequately control wild buckwheat and Canada thistle, so farmers need another solution – one that won’t mean a second herbicide pass, if possible, and one that won’t impact Roundup Ready crop performance.

This is where Eclipse XC herbicide from Corteva Agriscience comes in. A combination of clopyralid (Group 4) and glyphosate (Group 9), Eclipse XC hits tough weeds with two unique modes of action for superior control. Here are three ways Eclipse XC is the perfect herbicide pairing with Brevant seeds Roundup Ready canola hybrids.

  1. It handles the tough-to-control weeds. Eclipse XC not only provides broad-spectrum weed control in glyphosate-tolerant canola, it also offers superior control of some of the most troublesome weeds, like wild buckwheat, Canada thistle, dandelion, quackgrass and perennial sow thistle. You can spray weeds up to the 6-leaf stage, giving you time to knock them back early and gain season-long control as the product drives right down to the roots.
  2. One pass only. Eclipse XC comes in a pre-pack for cost savings and is a convenient all-in-one, one-pass solution for tough weed problems in Roundup Ready canola. With two unique modes of action, Eclipse XC is a powerful tool for controlling tough-to-control thistles, dandelions and wild buckwheat.
  3. Protects maturity and yield. Many Roundup Ready canola hybrids come with the option to use a higher rate of glyphosate to take care of tough weeds like wild buckwheat and Canada thistle. But this can sometimes result in delayed crop maturity and reduced yield. Eclipse XC, on the other hand, delivers the weed control you’re aiming for without negatively impacting yield or maturity.

Brevant seeds offers high-yielding Roundup Ready canola hybrids, consistent performance and superior agronomic traits. Add Eclipse XC herbicide for outstanding, season-long weed control, and you have a winning combination.