Agronomy •  2022-05-02

Tank Mixing with Enlist Duo™ vs Enlist™ 1

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sprayer spraying field of soybeans

Why Tank Mix?

Tank mixing can improve weed control, saving time and money, but it needs to be done correctly with approved mixes.  Unapproved mixes or improper mixing can cause reduced efficacy, crop damage, clogged filters and lines, and more. 

While both Enlist Duo™ and Enlist™ 1 herbicides provide control of a wide range of weed species, it may be beneficial to add additional products to the tank.  For example, you could consider adding in a Group 10 (Liberty, glufosinate) for glyphosate resistant weeds, this would give good control for waterhemp and provides multiple modes of action for resistance management.

Using Enlist Duo and Enlist 1

Be sure to start with a clean sprayer before mixing a load with Enlist herbicides. Remember the required water carrier volume with Enlist herbicides is 10-15 gallons per acre. Always read and follow all label precautions, including:

  • Boom height at 60 cm or less
  • Optimum spray volume at 10-15 GPA
  • Use nozzles that deliver coarse to extremely coarse spray droplets
  • Spray when winds are between 3-16 km/h. Do not spray in winds that exceed 25 km/h.

Follow all label recautions including boom height, spray volume, nozzles, wind speed, weather.

Similarities between Enlist Duo vs Enlist 1

Both Enlist Duo and Enlist 1 are powerful solutions for you to use as part of the Enlist™ weed control system. Both contain Colex-D technology and are designed to land and stay on target. 2,4-D choline provides a Group 4 herbicide technology adding a new tool for managing hard-to-control and resistant weeds. They also both have a wide window of application from pre-plant burndowns up to the R2 stage in Enlist E3™ soybeans.

Differences between Enlist Duo and Enlist 1

Enlist Duo is a convenient proprietary blend of 2,4-D choline and glyphosate, whereas Enlist 1 is a stand-alone 2,4-D choline with tank mix flexibility. You can match Enlist 1 with your choice and rate of glyphosate or Liberty 200 SN as part of a program approach to weed control in Enlist E3 soybeans.


Enlist Duo

Enlist 1

Active Ingredient (s)

2,4-D, present as choline salt 194 g a.e./L

glyphosate, present as dimethylamine salt 204 g a.e./L

2,4-D, present as choline salt 454 g a.e./L

User Benefits

Provides convenience

Provides tank mix flexibility

Tank Mixing with Enlist 1 – How to avoid ‘salting out’

When mixing with Enlist 1, do not pour glyphosate products into the tank at the same time as Enlist 1, and do not allow concentrated products to come into contact. Add products one at a time, allowing enough time for recirculation between additions of each separate product. Failure to add products one at a time, using sufficient water during agitation, or allowing sufficient agitation may result in salting out.1 Watch the product sequence in action with a Jar Test with Enlist 1 and glyphosate.  Please note that referenced in the video does not contain information relevant to Canada.

Information on Tank Mix Partners

The Enlist Product Use Guide has additional information on application and mixing of Enlist herbicides in the Product Use Guide.  

Learn more about Tank Mixing best practices in our Tank Mixing 101 article. For more information, contact us at or contact your local Territory Manager.

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