Agronomy •  2023-01-23

Supply chain challenges, again?

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We’ve all learned some hard lessons about supply chain shortages thanks to the pandemic and recent global events. If anything, we‘ve all learned the value of communicating with our suppliers, the importance of community and helping neighbours.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, supply chain disruptions continue. The chances of supply issues impacting crop protection products in 2023 are real, making it more important than ever to plan ahead. February is a great time to connect with your retailer to make a plan for your crop protection product needs.

Connecting with your retailer will be key to having access to the products and quantities you want this year. It’s also a good opportunity to check in to ask if there are any early supply concerns arising. Last year, all of us also learned the valuable lesson of establishing plans B and C, just in case supply issues pop up or weather issues disrupt plans. Don’t forget to make these backup plans part of your early planning discussions too. Coordinating your product needs with one retailer rather than spreading across multiple locations will also make it easier for planning and sourcing products this year.

Now is the time to plan for your 2023 crop protection product needs with your retailer. Of course, Corteva Agriscience Retail Territory Managers are also a great resource for information about specific products and availability.

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