Tip •  2024-05-23

Successful tank mixing practices for Enlist herbicides

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Proper mixing order of herbicides ensures product performance and proper control of key weeds. Following tank mixing best practices also reduces the risk of gelling or the formation of precipitates that can clog or ruin spray equipment and even impact weed control.

Follow these best practices to ensure a seamless tank mixing process this season.

  1. Always be sure to wear the proper PPE when mixing up products in the spray tank.
  2. Make sure you have enough water. One of the most common mistakes with tank mixing is adding materials before adding enough water, which can cause separation – start with a tank that is at least half full of water.
  3. Never rush sprayer loading or mix multiple herbicides at the same time.
  4. When mixing Enlist 1™ herbicide and high load glyphosates, add them one at a time.
  5. Always read and follow the label directions.  If you have questions, contact your Corteva Agriscience Territory Manager.

Enlist™ herbicides are excellent formulations designed for tank-mixing with many other products.

Enlist™ 1 is a concentrated herbicide formulation. That’s why it’s important to use lots of water and mix it sequentially with other herbicides.