Tip •  2023-04-17

Spring tank-mixing tips

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filling sprayer tank

Get the most out of your crop protection products this spring with these tips for tank-mixing best practices.


Always start by reading the product label. If the tank-mix recommendations aren’t listed, don’t take the risk. Contact your retailer or local Corteva Agriscience™ Territory Manager for mixing recommendations.


First step is to always start by filling the sprayer to at least half full to help improve your chances for success. The order that tank mix partners are added is critical. Add products in the recommended sequence, giving them a chance to disperse in the tank to avoid salting-out.  It’s difficult for water to hold all products in suspension when concentrates intermingle or are added in the wrong order, and can result in a salting-out effect that creates a residue in the tank. This is especially important when working with products in the Enlist Weed Control System, like adding glyphosate and Enlist™ 1 into a sprayer or inductor. Avoid this problem by following label instructions for tank mixing.

WAMLEGS is an acronym to help you remember the proper spray tank mixing order:

W - Wettable powders, flowables
A - Agitate, anti-foaming compounds/ buffers
M - Microcapsule suspension
L - Liquids and solubles
E - Emulsifiable concentrates
G - High-load glyphosates
S - Surfactants

Jar test

Working with a new product? A jar test is a practical way to see how products will react in the tank, and it can save valuable time and money if there’s a physical incompatibility with the mix. Sprayers 101 provides a great guide for jar testing, along with safety reminders to wear personal protective equipment and to conduct the test in a safe and ventilated area, away from sources of ignition.

There’s an app for that

Access mixing order tools to help identify which products can be tank mixed together and the appropriate order for adding them to your sprayer tank or chem handler right from your phone with the Corteva Agriscience™ Field Guide App. This handy resource also offers quick access to user-friendly tips to choose the right products, read labels, and the proper tank-mixing order.