Prospect™ Pre-seed + Glyphosate = The Best Start for Your Canola

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To grow a high performing, high yielding canola crop, you need to start from the ground up. Seeding into clean fields will give your canola the jumpstart it needs and, while glyphosate is an option for clearing out unwanted weeds, it’s not necessarily the best option.

When using glyphosate alone, some broadleaf weeds, such as overwintering cleavers, are left standing or germinating soon after application. And, with the growing concern about weed resistance, there is no better time to add a pre-seed tank mix partner to your glyphosate.

Enter Prospect™ herbicide, our newest value-add pre-seed product, designed specifically to work alongside glyphosate as part of your spring herbicide program.

The Power of Prospect

Prospect elevates your traditional glyphosate pre-seed application to start your canola off right.

When tank mixed, Prospect (Group 4 and 14) and glyphosate (Group 9) provides multi-modes of action, meaning you get overlapping activity on some hard-to-control weeds, such as cleavers and hemp-nettle. Not only is this an effective tool for controlling weeds, it’s also useful in the prevention of herbicide resistance. Applying this tank-mix duo directly to your weeds prior to seeding canola will leave you with a clean field, so your canola can germinate without weed competition.

Prospect pre-seed herbicide also gives you a little bit of power over the weather. While overnight “springtime” lows can be downright frigid, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a jump on ensuring a clean field. Prospect harnesses the power of Arylex™ active, it providing consistent broadleaf weed control against variable climatic conditions, meaning as long as your weeds are still actively growing, you can “Just GO”, even when conditions are cool.

For more information on tank mixing Prospect with your preferred glyphosate herbicide for clean fields and solid canola yields, download our FAQ or visit