Tip •  2023-07-31

Your pre-harvest personal check-in

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man holding his head at the kitchen table

When is the last time you asked yourself how you’re feeling? And answered honestly? It’s no secret farmers struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, emotional exhaustion and cynicism. In fact, a recent University of Guelph study found 76% of farmers were classified as experiencing moderate or high perceived stress. The reality is farming is tough, and burnout can happen to anyone.

Here’s a gentle reminder to check in with yourself ahead of the upcoming busy harvest season. If you’re struggling, have doubts or need a check in with a trusted friend, neighbour or mental health professional, help is only a phone call away. And if you’re feeling fine, don’t forget about others who could benefit from a check-in conversation too.

Here’s a list of resources available to support farmers and mental health.