Agronomy •  2023-06-12

Optimum® GLY wider application window means more options for targeted weed control

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Have you ever been in the position where you wanted to spray your canola for weeds but couldn’t for any number of reasons – say the weeds are still emerging, or the weather is turning rainy, or the crop is out of stage. It’s frustrating to be unable to spray when you want to rather than when the label says you need to. Optimum GLY aims to change all that.

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Optimum GLY is an advanced herbicide-tolerant trait technology in canola. When farmers plant Optimum GLY canola hybrids, they can apply up to 2 L/ac. of glyphosate per season and they can apply it from cotyledon to first flower without impacting yield potential. It’s a real step up when it comes flexible, effective weed control in canola.

Application timing and flexibility

So how does Optimum GLY work? Well, depending on the specific weed situation in your field, you can opt to apply the full amount of glyphosate in one application, or you can divide it into two sequential spray operations a couple of weeks apart.

That kind of flexibility, both in terms of split applications and the wide window, means you can spray when you want to based on weed/crop staging, weed species, weather conditions and more.

Also, Optimum GLY’s extended application window is particularly beneficial for those who have a lot of acres to cover or late weed flushes to manage. And regardless of how many acres you have to spray, Optimum GLY’s flexible rates and the ability to apply up to first flower means you can take a tailored approach to managing weeds by applying the right rate at the optimal time for more effective control.

For example, if weeds are emerging early and aggressively ahead of the crop, you can apply the full rate of Optimum GLY from emergence to the 6-leaf stage and take those weeds out, so the crop establish strong. Conversely, if early weed competition is less intense, you can apply up to 1 L/ac. early – say from cotelydon to 6-leaf – to keep weeds in check, and then make a second application* of up to 1 L/ac. – right up to first flower – to manage hard-to-control weeds later in the season and protect your crop’s yield potential.

Optimum GLY is registered to control some of the toughest weeds in canola, such as cleavers, foxtail barley, dandelion and more. Plus it has an excellent safety profile and, even when applied at first flower, will not harm the crop or its yield potential.

If you’re looking to maximize your weed control options in canola, then look to Optimum GLY – you decide how and when to spray, and you get to choose the most effective herbicide rate to address the specific weed situation you’re facing.

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