How to manage herbicide-resistant Canada fleabane

canada fleabane
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Canada fleabane continues to be the most prevalent glyphosate-resistant weed in Eastern Canada. Commonly found in fields throughout southwestern Ontario, this problem weed is quickly spreading throughout eastern Ontario and Quebec. While some farmers are becoming accustomed to dealing with resistant populations of Canada fleabane, it can be new for others.

Here’s what farmers need to know about herbicide resistant Canada fleabane:

  • Canada fleabane herbicide resistance has been confirmed for Groups 2, 9 and 22
  • Many populations can carry resistance to Group 2 and 9 together
  • Up to 200,000 seeds per plant can be produced
  • Groups 4, 5, 10 and 14 are recommended effective modes-of-action for resistant Canada fleabane
  • Canada fleabane germinates almost year-round and exists at various crop growth stages throughout the growing season

Tips for managing glyphosate resistant Canada fleabane:

  • Early-season control is critical. Removing Canada fleabane early, especially during the critical weed-free period in soybeans is essential. Applying an effective burndown herbicide with residual will offer farmers the best opportunity.
  • Take a program approach. Implementing a two-pass system (pre-emerge and post-emerge) that uses multiple effective modes-of-action to control Canada fleabane will reduce early-season and in-season weed competition while combating resistance. Learn more about controlling Canada fleabane with a program approach.
  • Tillage works too. The most common and easiest way to control Canada fleabane can be tillage in either fall or spring or both. A fall burndown application can also increase the effectiveness of tillage for weed control.
  • Cover crops. Adding cover crops into a rotation offers so many benefits. When it comes to controlling Canada fleabane, cover crops can be effective in preventing the weed from becoming established.

Where can you find information on herbicide resistant Canada fleabane? Check out this herbicide resistant weeds - database and maps that shows the locations of confirmed herbicide resistant weed species in Ontario.