Insight •  2023-11-01

How Corteva adds on-farm value with trial data

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Corteva Agriscience customers trust and rely on our rigorous research, development and testing process to assure their seed and crop protection investments will perform and pay off. 

Data from field trails can be some of the most value-added tools for farmers when it comes to making input decisions. That’s why Corteva invests significantly to execute in-field testing across North America and closer to home in Eastern Canada.

Our process of developing new products for customers starts with evaluating the needs of farmers. Corteva’s research and development process tests hybrids and varieties, including thousands of test plots across a variety of growing environments and years to ensure the consistency of our products. From Product Knowledge Plots to side-by-side comparison testing on our own sales representative and customer farms, we rely on data and real results to guide our product development and provide our customers with the confidence they need to choose Corteva’s lineup of seed and crop protection products.

Corteva’s process developing LumiGEN™ seed treatments is a great example of our stringent research, development and testing process. Read more about how our industry leading seed treatments are developed in this agronomy blog: How Corteva develops seed treatments for your best start.

Corteva’s commitment to innovation and bringing products to market is based on strong agronomics that are backed by science can be seen first-hand through our trial and yield results. Visit the Corteva Trial and Yield Results page to see how Corteva products perform in your local area and how they can increase your yield potential through consistent, proven performance. These results are collected from research trials, farmer cooperator trials and demonstration trials over multiple years.

For more information about Corteva’s product development process or how trial data results can help inform you’re your seed and crop protection decisions consult your trusted agronomist, retailer, or local Corteva Agriscience™ Territory Manager for advice.