Brevant seeds B3010M canola and Prospect herbicide, the perfect pair

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Always striving to maximize yields and efficiency, Canadian canola growers have turned to Brevant™ seeds B3010M canola for industry-leading clubroot resistance (new source CR3) and options for harvest

While the high-performing canola hybrid delivers outstanding yields, today’s growers are dealing with increasing weed pressures that can hinder the crop during critical early-season growth stages and necessitate a strong management strategy.  

The goal at Brevant™ seeds is to help make your decisions easier by providing the best seed genetics and latest innovations from Corteva Agriscience to help protect your investment. The lineup of advanced crop protection solutions from Corteva includes Prospect™, a pre-seed herbicide that will help get your B3010M hybrid off to a weed free start.

Here are a few reasons why pairing Prospect with B3010M canola can help you achieve record yields:

Early-season protection

Prospect herbicide is designed to safeguard your canola from the ground up, providing more complete control than you’d get using glyphosate alone. Tank mixed with glyphosate, Prospect delivers superior pre-seed control of cleavers, including over-wintered and group 2 and 9 resistant biotypes, hemp-nettle, flixweed, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard and many more.  

Clubroot resistance

B3010M is a CR3 canola hybrid, providing resistance to established and novel clubroot pathotypes such as: 2(2F),3 (3H),5 (5I),6 (6M),8 (8N), plus 2B,3A, 3D, 5X. With this industry-leading protection, you can help ensure your crop doesn’t fall victim to this serious soil-borne disease. Find more tips on how to protect your canola from clubroot here.

Maximum yield management

When you use Prospect, you give your B3010M canola the start it needs to fulfill its high yield potential (100% of InVigor L233P). And since the B3010M hybrid contains the options for harvest, you can extend your harvest window to maximize the yield potential of your canola and the efficiency of your operation. It’s also worth mentioning that this mid-maturity hybrid is suitable for all growing regions, has been locally tested, and has very good standability and ease of harvest.

When you add it all up, pairing B3010M canola with Prospect is the best way to ensure a great start to your growing season, protect your crop from yield-robbing weeds and diseases, and lock in the high yields you both expect and demand from Brevant.