Agronomy •  2020-04-22

Protect your crops from wild oats

Written By Mark Nisbet 
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Directly reducing crop yields, wild oats have been one of the most harmful weeds in western Canada for decades, meaning effectively managing them has become integral to farming. In order to control wild oats and to mitigate the risk of Group 1 resistance, high performing Group 2 solutions should be integrated into your weed control plans.

Enter Simplicity™ GoDRI™ herbicide. Because clean fields lead to higher yields, farmers continue to trust Simplicity™ GoDRI™ for superior wild oat control. GoDRI™ offers the same trusted performance as Simplicity™ (liquid formula) in a convenient, easy to mix formulation. When applied, it rapidly stops growth of susceptible weeds by inhibiting enzyme and amino acid production, which are essential for plant growth.

On June 13, 2018, Castor Hutterite Colony in Alberta put Simplicity™ GoDRI™ to the test, and quickly reaped the rewards of a wise decision. The result was improved efficiency in mixing and loading times, reducing downtime spent in the field loading: 

Results of using Simplicity™ GoDRI™ herbicide 

Farmers can count on Simplicity™ GoDRI™ for low-use rates, to stay dissolved with no sedimentation, and to provide the convenience and superior performance you’ve come to expect from Corteva Agriscience.

With Simplicity™ GoDRI™, you get the same weed control with less packaging, so there is less waste going into the landfill. Grower experience with Simplicity™ GoDRI™ suggest they have chosen it because it controls Group 1 resistant wild oats, mixes easily with other broadleaf products like Cirpreme™ XC and Pixxaro™, and saves you time when loading your tank.

Simplicity™ GoDRI™ also provides rotational freedom for next year’s growing season, and is the only Group 2 wild oat product that can be used up to flag leaf emergence.