Welcome to Corteva Agriscience™

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As we begin our journey as an independent, pure-play agriculture company, it is important to remember how Corteva Agriscience™ plans on forging its path to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume and ensure progress for generations to come. Together, we will help solve the unique challenges Canadian growers face by combining the strength of our global resources with deep personal relationships. 

Below is a letter from our President, Bryce Eger, in celebration of the launch of Corteva Agriscience™ in Canada: 

To our neighbours,

Growing up in Moosomin, a small town in Saskatchewan, I fondly remember spending time at my aunt and uncle’s farm. Back then I never imagined one day having the opportunity to introduce Canadian communities to a new, independent, global leader dedicated to agriculture - Corteva Agriscience™. “Corteva” is a name we chose very deliberately. “Cor” means ‘at the heart of’, or ‘at the centre of’, and “teva” is an ancient word meaning ‘earth’.

Farmers are the original innovators, constantly challenged to combine hard-earned experience with new techniques to adapt to changing conditions. It’s fair to say that in recent years this challenge has only intensified. Consumers – that is, all of us who eat – are looking for food that contains healthier and more sustainably produced ingredients, at a time when our crops are under attack from shifting weather, drought, floods, diseases and pests. It is more important than ever that Canadian farmers have the innovative solutions they need to respond to these challenges as they continue to transform the way food is grown.

I’m incredibly optimistic about the path ahead. Corteva Agriscience’s spin from DowDupont has given us the opportunity to bring a fresh new approach to agriculture. Many of our colleagues have lived and farmed Canadian lands – lands as diverse as the country itself – for decades. We aren’t sitting in board rooms - we walk acre by acre with Canadian farmers, listening to what they need and rolling up our sleeves to help them sustainably grow crops that lead to more nutritious food. One hundred per cent of our resources are dedicated to putting Canada’s farmers at the centre of everything we do and, with the support of each of our local Canadian research facilities and seed production centres, relentlessly innovating the seed and crop protection products they need to increase their yield and profitability.

There is no question that challenges lie ahead. But the future is very bright. Digital technologies are allowing us to help farmers not only manage their end-to-end business more effectively but also to use data and imagery to pinpoint exactly where to plant and how best to address problem areas, all while using fewer resources. Our dedicated colleagues are bringing an unmatched passion and energy towards supporting a more responsible food system. And our impact in local communities across Canada is growing every day as we deepen our roots across the country.

There’s no better time than now to stand tall and stay ahead of future challenges. We are up to this task. We stand side-by-side with Canadian farmers who inspire us to transform the way food is grown. And we look forward to seeing you in the community and saying hello.


All the very best,

Bryce Eger

President, Canada