Press Release •  2021-04-12

Granular Launches Free Tool to Help Eastern Canadian Corn & Soybean Farmers Measure Profitability

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Farmers can now sign up for the full capabilities of Granular® Insights™, the only free tool connected to the leading farm management software of robust financial, operational, and agronomic solutions

Calgary, Alberta — April 12, 2021 — Granular, one of the world’s leading farm management software (FMS) platforms and subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience, announces Granular® Insights™, an easy to use, free digital tool that delivers a clearer view of field-level profitability in minutes is now available for Eastern Canadian corn and soybean farmers. Granular Insights lets farmers see what is working and which acres are holding them back, empowering them to make data-driven decisions today that impact yield and profitability tomorrow.

Nearly 2,000 farmers across Eastern Canada have relied on Granular Insights for scouting since 2019, and are now able to leverage new capabilities to help drive more profit on their farms by using their corn and soybean planting and harvest data for critical analysis. Up until now, these farmers have had to stitch together disparate data sources by labouriously creating—then updating—numerous spreadsheets to figure out field-by-field profitability.

Now, much of the stitching together is done by Granular Insights in minutes. Once a farmer uploads harvest and planting data or connects wirelessly with the John Deere Operations Center, the farmer can quickly see map layers showing what happened on each field throughout the season. Farmers now can compare profit on each acre with varieties planted or seeding rate, view agronomic and financial map layers side-by-side, and see why some varieties performed better than others. Additionally, farmers can easily invite team members and trusted advisors to view and collaborate on their operational decisions.

“We’ve used directed scouting in Granular Insights since 2019 to help us share information and make quick and easy decisions for our farm,” said Ronald Foster of Foster’s Custom Farming in North Gower, Ontario. “It has also helped us see which fields can be pushed for higher yield and greater profitability, and pin the location of problem areas in our fields for future scouting. With the full set of features within Granular Insights now available to us, the ability to estimate profits in real-time and manage our data even more efficiently is going to be a game-changer for us and for all farms in our region.”

Instead of a standard yield map, Granular Insights puts harvest data into numbers that matter to a farmer -- in dollars and cents. By pulling estimated crop prices from publicly available commodity reports and cost estimates, Granular Insights quickly calculates the profitability by field or variety in a summary view, or within each field in a map view. This has been pivotal for some farms looking to get a quick estimate of their profitability.

By seamlessly combining data from more than 10 manufacturers in a few clicks, Granular Insights puts previously siloed harvest and planting data to work, saving farmers hours of tedious data entry per year.

“Especially in today’s environment, farmers need to have better visibility into their bottom line,” said Krista Klompstra, Digital Business Leader for Corteva Agriscience Canada. “We realized one of the greatest pain points on the farm is that a farmer’s data is sitting all over the place, and it takes a lot of time and effort to pull it all together. With Granular Insights, farmers now have access to easy-to-interpret and actionable insights, and tangible proof of the power of data to help contribute to their overall profitability.”

Granular Insights is the easiest way to start using more advanced digital tools in the world's leading FMS, such as Granular® Business.

To get started for free with Granular Insights, farmers can contact their Pioneer sales professional or sign up here:

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