Press Release •  2020-01-15

Corteva Agriscience to lead Protein Industries Canada initiative aimed at revolutionizing canola

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Project will enhance the protein content of Canada’s most important crop and open new markets.

SASKATOON, SK, Jan. 15, 2020 – Today, Corteva Agriscience and consortium members, Bunge, Botaneco, and Protein Industries Canada, announced a joint investment of more than $27 million to improve protein content in Canadian canola. This is the first commercial plant-breeding project focused specifically on canola protein quality improvement and is part of the Government of Canada’s Supercluster Initiative. Consortium members will invest $14.05 million, while Protein Industries Canada will provide $13.6 million.

“We’re pleased to announce our significant investment to revolutionize Canadian canola, which will open new, higher-value markets and create economic benefits across the entire canola value chain and agriculture industry,” said Bryce Eger, President of Corteva Agriscience Canada. “In addition to our focus on important agronomic input traits for farmers, high protein seed genetics will transform Canadian canola to be both a high value oil and a high value meal crop.”

“It is great to see the Protein Industries Supercluster build further momentum through new projects and even more investments. This project especially will help produce canola that commands premium value – both at home and in international markets. This will help growers become more profitable and create more jobs in the agri-food sector,” said The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

“Canola is one of Canada’s most important crops, and this project has the potential to take it to the next level,” CEO of Protein Industries Canada Bill Greuel said. “By investing in breeding to improve protein and reduce fibre, we will increase the value of Canadian canola – especially the meal for use in livestock feed – resulting in higher prices for the meal, which is traditionally sold at a discount.”

“The industry should be able to generate more value from high protein canola meal, ultimately, creating new opportunities for growers as the high protein/reduced fibre meal will allow us to sell into local feed markets where we currently struggle to compete,” said Ryan Law, North America Canola Commercial Manager at Bunge.

“Development of high protein canola hybrids will change the future of canola,” said David Dzisiak, Chief Operating Officer for Botaneco. “This is an important project that will create new value for the entire Canadian canola industry and provide new companies like Botaneco the ability to better create novel downstream end-use products opening significant new markets.”

“Continued innovation in Canadian canola by enhancing the protein in the seed will help us create more sustainable growth and opportunity for the canola value chain,” President of the Canola Council of Canada Jim Everson said. “The federal government’s support for research in plant proteins through Protein Industries Canada is very important for Canadian canola growers.”

Today’s announcement was delivered at Corteva’s research and development facility located in Saskatoon, SK. Canola research and development efforts have currently been focused on yield and traits like pod shatter and disease resistance, which are critical to profitable and sustainable production.

Through this project, Corteva will fill a gap with a new commercial breeding program focused on quality improvement and in doing so, will place Canadian canola researchers in a global leadership position and create an entirely new canola ecosystem.

Corteva has a proven history of canola breeding innovation in Canada, that includes providing improved yield and performance; disease resistance, such as the first clubroot resistant canola hybrids in the industry; and high stability Omega-9 canola oil.

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