Cerefit™ fungicide and Stellar™ XL herbicide, performance made easy for your oat crop

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Stellar XL Herbicide and Cerefit fungicide make the perfect pairing

With increasing demand from new markets and solid pricing opportunities, growing oats continues to be a profitable option for Western Canadian farmers.

However, to achieve a healthy high-yielding oat crop, growers must be proactive in combating tough broadleaf weeds and controlling the myriad of leaf diseases that can reduce potential yield up to 20 per cent, or higher when conditions are warm and humid.

That is why Corteva Agriscience™ is focused on providing today’s farmers with advanced crop protection solutions for the whole acre. When you pair Cerefit™ fungicide with Stellar™ XL herbicide, you get a complete herbicide and fungicide treatment to maximize your oat performance.

Here are a few reasons why Cerefit and Stellar XL make the perfect pair:

Leaf Disease Control

As a dual mode of action fungicide, Cerefit’s unique combination of two active ingredients (Group 3 and 11) helps to achieve the highest yields in oats by delivering broad-spectrum control of a wide range of leaf diseases. Its multiple modes of action provide both preventative and curative activity on the same diseases for enhanced disease control and resistance management.

In fact, Cerefit is one of the top products for the number of leaf diseases it controls. This is crucial, as having healthy leaves drives the production engine of the plant.

Early Season Weed Control

With superior early season control of annual broadleaf weeds, including kochia, wild buckwheat, cleavers, hemp-nettle and many more, Stellar XL is rated the #1 broadleaf herbicide in oats and trusted by 94 per cent of Western Canadian farmers. But, while the high-performing, easy-to-use herbicide is hard on tough broadleaf weeds, it’s easy on oat crops - making it a great solution for oat growers.

Flexible Application

With a wide window of application and no re-cropping restrictions, Stellar XL gives farmers the flexibility they need to get the job done when spray time management is a challenge. Cerefit also provides increased flexibility through its wide window of application.

Tested to perform extremely well together, Cerefit and Stellar XL deliver uncomplicated broadleaf weed and disease control and unrivaled performance. So, pair these leading crop protection solutions from Corteva together and ensure a healthy and clean environment for your high-yielding oats.

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