Agronomy •  2021-04-28

Cerefit™ fungicide and Avenza herbicide, the perfect pair for wheat and barley

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avenza herbicide and cerefit fungicide are the perfect pair

Farmers are constantly striving to improve their yields and increase their profits, regardless of which crop they’re growing, and a key element to their success each season is protecting their fields from yield-limiting leaf diseases and tough weed competition.

Corteva Agriscience™ has today’s farmers covered on both fronts, providing crop protection solutions for the whole acre that have been tested to perform extremely well together.

Cerefit™ fungicide and Avenza™ herbicide are an example of one such perfect pair, helping farmers grow clean and healthy wheat and barley crops that achieve the highest yield potential.

Here are a few reasons why Cerefit with Avenza make the perfect pair:

Improved Plant Health and Yield

Minimizing the risk of disease in barley and wheat crops (or eliminating it entirely) allows the crop to perform to its full potential. By trusting Cerefit’s multip-mode disease control, farmers can proactively control leaf diseases that have the ability to reduce yield potential by up to 20 per cent, or more if amplified by warmth and humidity.

In addition, Cerefit has been proven to deliver stronger, larger, healthier plants that are better able to withstand environmental and other stresses.

Unparalleled Weed Control

Avenza delivers powerful annual and perennial broadleaf weed control, combined with trusted Group 1 grass chemistry. With two different modes of action, the herbicide controls tough annual and evasive perennial broadleaf weeds, including cleavers, hemp-nettle, volunteer canola, wild buckwheat, Canada thistle and dandelion.

Application Flexibility

Cerefit and Avenza provide farmers with the freedom and flexibility to apply when the time is right, while not worrying about what they can grow next. Both products offer wide windows of application and the rotational freedom to grow all major crops the following year, including lentils or chickpeas. With Avenza and Cerefit, farmers can focus on one thing - growing the best performing cereal crop yet.

By now, it should be clear: Avenza and Cerefit are the best solution for your wheat and barley. If you’re looking to control tough broadleaf weeds and yield-limiting leaf diseases, pair these trusted crop protection solutions from Corteva to ensure a healthy and clean environment and the highest yields.

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