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Agronomy • 2021-05-31

Why Vegetation Management Matters

Members of the community often have questions and concerns when they see vegetation management professionals spraying herbicides in their municipalities near roadsides, railways and powerlines.

Agronomy • 2021-05-27

Closer™ Insecticide with Isoclast™ active in Leafy Vegetables

Management of sap-feeding insects often requires diverse control tactics, including the use of insecticides such as Closer™ Insecticide with Isoclast™ active.

Agronomy • 2021-05-25

Best management practices for maximizing canola yields with harvest flexibility

Proper harvest management is key to maximizing your canola yields, but when balancing heavy workloads with weather and field conditions, it isn’t always easy or straightforward.

Agronomy • 2021-05-25

Cerefit™ fungicide and Stellar™ XL herbicide

When you pair Cerefit™ fungicide with Stellar™ XL herbicide, you get a complete herbicide and fungicide treatment to maximize your oat performance.

Agronomy • 2021-05-25

Simplicity GoDRI and Bindem, the perfect pair for wheat growers

To protect your wheat fields and your profits, it’s vital to use high-performing crop protection solutions as part of your integrated weed management strategy.

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