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Blog • 2021-07-09

Get with the Program: Controlling resistance management with a Program Approach

The Enlist weed control system is helping Canadian farmers meet the challenges of farming today.

Agronomy • 2021-06-24

Take a Proactive Approach Against Yield-Robbing Leaf Diseases in Cereal Crops

Leaf diseases in cereal crops continue to rob Western Canadian farmers of yield and profit. Scald, Net Blotch, and Spot Blotch have been known to reduce barley yields up to 20%.

Agronomy • 2021-06-02

Optimize the application timing of your pasture herbicides

Corteva Agriscience™ Range & Pasture herbicides are effective tools in managing weeds, brush and trees in permanent grass pastures.

Agronomy • 2021-05-31

Why Vegetation Management Matters

Members of the community often have questions and concerns when they see vegetation management professionals spraying herbicides in their municipalities near roadsides, railways and powerlines.

Agronomy • 2021-05-27

Closer™ Insecticide with Isoclast™ active in Leafy Vegetables

Management of sap-feeding insects often requires diverse control tactics, including the use of insecticides such as Closer™ Insecticide with Isoclast™ active.

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