Lannate™ insecticide gives fast-acting control of adults, nymphs, larvae and eggs of many pest species – including aphids, cabbage looper, European corn borer and many others – in crops such as broccoli, cabbage, and sweet corn.


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These are the product benefits that Lannate herbicide has to offer.

Lannate, a group 1A (carbamate) insecticide is registered for use on:

Broccoli – controls cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm and diamondback moth

Brussel sprouts – controls cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm, diamondback moth and slugs (larvae of grey garden slugs)

Cabbage – controls cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm and diamondback moth

Cauliflower – controls cabbage looper, imported cabbageworm and diamondback moth

Sweet corn – controls aphids, corn earworm and European corn borer

Succulent shelled peas – controls alfalfa looper and pea aphid


Below lists the crops that Lannate insecticide can be used on.


Brussels Sprouts




Pea, Succulent (Pisum spp.)

Sweet Corn

Provincial Registrations

Now registered in the following provinces:

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Approved Use
    Refer to the Lannate label for complete use instructions.
    Refer to the Controlled Pests list for the full list of pests.
  • Rates
    Dependent on pest. Use as indicated on product label.
    One (1) case of Lannate insecticide contains 5.4 kg of product packaged in convenient water-soluble, pre-measured Toss-N-Go bags (225 g/bag x 24 bags).
  • Herbicide Group

    Group 1A


Labels (PDF)
Lannate Insecticide Label
Insecticide Lannate étiquette principale

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
Lannate Insecticide SDS
Insecticide Lannate fiche signalétique

Additional Resource Material (PDF)
East Field Guide
Guide De Champ Est
Horticulture Crop Protection Guide
Guide de Protection des Cultures

Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.

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