Nitrogen Stabilizer

eNtrench slows the conversion of ammonium to nitrates, reducing leaching and denitrification. They maximize yield potential by ensuring more of your applied nitrogen stays in the root zone in a stable, useable form until your canola, corn and wheat crops need it.

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There are many benefits to protecting your UAN, liquid manure and urea with eNtrench:

Optimize opportunity for yield and profit

eNtrench NXTGEN icon soil retention

Healthy crops start with healthy soil. eNtrench works below the soil’s surface to help retain 28% more nitrogen in the soil longer so it’s available when crops need it for maximum growth.

Optimize yield and profit potential

eNtrench NXTGEN icon more weeks

Corteva Agriscience research trials demonstrate an average yield increase of 8% in canola, 7% in corn and 6% in wheat. By extending nitrogen availability in the soil for up to eight weeks, eNtrench keeps nitrogen available and ready when your crop needs it most: during critical growth stages.

Reduce environmental impacts

eNtrench NXTGEN icon greenhouse gas

The exclusive Optinyte™ technology found in eNtrench decreases denitrification, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 51%. eNtrench also reduces the leaching of nitrates into groundwater by 16%.

Stabilize any source of nitrogen

eNtrench NXTGEN icon urea blue

Any source of nitrogen is susceptible to loss through leaching or denitrification. eNtrench stabilizes nitrogen when used with urea, UAN (28% or 32%) and liquid manure. No matter when you apply your nitrogen, make sure it’s protected so your crops receive the maximum nitrogen when they need it most.

eNtrench Storyboard
eNtrench Storyboard


Use eNtrench to keep nitrogen in the root zone to maximize the yield potential of these crops.   


Canola (Brassica spp.)



Wheat (Triticum spp.)


Registered for use in the prairie provinces, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario.

  • Registered
  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient


  • Application Method

    eNtrench is designed for use with urea, UAN and liquid manure:

    • Allows for easy impregnation onto urea
    • Mixes easily with UAN, mix uniformly eNtrench throughout the fertilizer
    • Can easily be added into the pit prior to liquid manure applications
  • Application Rate

    1.1 L/ac (2.7 L/ha)

  • Application Timing

    eNtrench can be applied:

    • Fall or spring with urea and liquid manure
    • Pre-plant with urea or UAN
    • In crop with side-dressed UAN in corn
  • Packaging
    • One 2X10 L case treats 18 acres
    • One 990 L tote treats 900 acres
  • Additional Information

    Personal protective equipment - Wear protective gloves/ eye protection/ face protection. See Safety Data Sheet for specific details.

    Storage - Store in a cool, well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed. Requires heated storage.


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Labels (PDF)

eNtrench™ Nitrogen Stabilizer Label
Stabilisateur d'azote eNtrench étiquette principale

Safety Data Sheets (PDF)
eNtrench™ Nitrogen Stabilizer SDS
Stabilisateur d'azote eNtrench fiches signalétique

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East Field Guide
West Field Guide
Optinyte™ Technology Global Environment Guide
eNtrench Frequently Asked Questions
eNtrench Nitrogen Stabilizer Technical Sheet
eNtrench Stabilisateur d’Azote Fiche Technique


Before use and for complete product information, please read and follow label directions.eNtrench™ is a trademark of Dow AgroSciences, DuPont, or Pioneer and their affiliated companies or respective owners.