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Enter the total planned acres of products you plan to purchase for the 2022 year to get an estimate of your total rewards for 2022. You can even compare up to 3 scenarios to see how combinations of different products and categories will impact your estimated rewards*.

When you are all done, simply select the summary tab to see your results, and you can even send yourself a copy for review with your retailer.

Your local retailer will be happy to support you through this process and we are also here to help. You can contact our Solutions Center by calling 1.800.667.3852 or email

Scenario 1

Total Purchases
Categories Used
% Rebate
$ Rebate

Scenario 2

Total Purchases
Categories Used
% Rebate
$ Rebate

Scenario 3

Total Purchases
Categories Used
% Rebate
$ Rebate

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Product SRP Early Book Acres Total Purchased Acres Total Purchases
Korrex™ II $6.73
Paradigm™ PRE $5.97
PrePass™ Flex $4.60
PrePass™ XC $8.75
Prospect™ $8.31
Liquid Achieve™ SC $14.53
Simplicity™ $22.36
Simplicity™ GoDRI™ $22.10
Avenza™ $29.56
Rexade™ $30.25
Rezuvant™ $29.25
Rezuvant™ XL $30.93
Tandem™ $26.42
Tridem™ $24.01
Cirpreme™ XC $10.93
Exhilarate™ $11.25
OcTTain™ XL $9.32
Pixxaro™ A $8.45
Pixxaro™ $12.58
Prestige™ XL $14.98
Prominex™ $12.55
Stellar™ XL $11.31
Acapela™ $21.17
Cerefit™ $13.75
Canola, Corn and Soybean Herbicides
Accent™ $40.18
Amity™ WDG $16.71
Ares™ SN $22.72
Eclipse™ XC $15.59
Lontrel™ XC $18.52
Salute™ $30.50
Sortan™ IS $12.65
Steadfast™ IS $20.76
Foundation (Tier Money) Builders
Delegate™ $22.05
Enlist™ 1/DUO $9.65
eNtrench NXTGEN™ $10.24
Grazon™ XC $63.91
Lumisena™ $4.81
Lumivia™ CPL $9.76
Prism™ $31.35
Reclaim™ II $53.05
Restore™ II $41.41
N-Serve™ $9.83
Utrisha™ N $12.95
VP480 $12.75
Seed Booster Bonus
Clearfield® Canola $68.71
LibertyLink® Canola $82.89
Roundup Ready® Canola $81.43
Corn $109.00
Soybeans $77.00
Acres are calculated using registered application rates. Always read and follow label directions.
Total MSRP Spend $0
Program Tier Level
Total Categories Used 0
Seed Booster Bonus  
Early Book $ Savings   $0
Estimated Total $ Rebate $0
Rebate Level 0%
Seed Booster Bonus % 0%
Early Book Savings %
Estimated Total Rebate % 0%

Lumivia™ CPL Bonus

2 Matching Cereal Categories and/or Cross Spectrum
Matching Lumivia™ CPL Acres
Lumivia™ CPL Bonus Rebate  
Save 30% ($459/jug) on Lumivia™ CPL matching acres with Cereal Grass + Broadleaf and/or Cross-Spectrum Products (minimum 300 acres).

Total Flex+ Rewards + Lumivia™ CPL Bonus Rebate  

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*The Flex+ Rewards Calculator for 2022 is a tool to obtain an initial estimate of your rebate opportunities based on your qualification for these rebates. The Flex+ Rewards Calculator for 2022 does not provide an actual quote or create an invoice or a contract between you and Corteva or your local retailer. Final rebates may vary based on actual invoiced Corteva crop protection and seed products, the date(s) orders are placed, the amount, type and date of payment, among other factors. For clarity, the estimated rebate(s) provided through the Flex+ Rewards Calculator for 2022 could be different than your actual Flex+ Rewards rebate(s). See your local retailer to discuss your overall Corteva Flex+ Rewards rebate opportunities.

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