Collin Phillip

Eastern Canada, Area Leader

Collin is the area leader for Eastern Canada and serves on the Canadian leadership and commercial leadership teams.

For Collin, the wisdom of "one does or does not; there is no try" is the epitome of his leadership style and philosophy of living. As the area leader for Eastern Canada, Collin is responsible for leading the diverse sales teams for Pioneer®, Brevant™ seed and the crop protection divisions of Corteva Agriscience™, with the mandate to grow all business units and product lines across all channels.

With Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Marketing and Master of Business Administration degrees, Collin is a collaborative leader who seeks challenge and motivates others to forage new business and collectively beneficial opportunities.

Before his appointment with Corteva, Collin held a business director role with DuPont Pioneer in Eastern Canada, and was the director of supply chain with Monsanto Canada, trait launch lead with Monsanto India and canola trait marketing manager with Monsanto Canada.

“Agriculture is an imperative industry in the world and with the growing demands for food supply and the increasing complexities of farming, we as an organization and nation must advocate, educate, motivate and celebrate.”