Brenda Harris

Regulatory Affairs and Stewardship, Crop Protection and Seeds Leader, Canada

Brenda Harris is the Canadian Regulatory Affairs and Stewardship, Crop Protection and Seeds Leader.

Brenda’s responsibilities span across Canada, the U.S. and Global divisions. She also leads the USA Seeds Regulatory Affairs Seeds Group as well as the Corteva Regulatory Affairs Global Operations Compliance groups, which includes Chemical Legislation, Hazard Communication and Business System Architecture.

Brenda holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Science in Hydrology from Trent University.

Prior to joining Corteva, Brenda began her career at American Cyanamid. Since joining Corteva, her roles have included field research and development, regulatory and government affairs, and leading the Corteva international global regulatory affairs product development group.

Brenda has been involved with numerous committees and organizations representing Corteva, ranging from CropLife Canada to OECD.

Brenda’s passion for global affairs extends past her professional career to her love of travel, landscape and culture. She keeps an active lifestyle and enjoys cycling, skiing and skating, cooking, and spending time with those closest to her.