Rory Degenhardt

Field Sciences Research Leader, Canada

Dr. Rory Degenhardt is the Field Sciences (FS) Research Leader for Canada. He is a member of the Canadian Leadership Team and the North American FS Leadership Team. Rory and his research team are responsible for characterizing and developing new crop protection and trait technologies to address the evolving needs of Canadian farmers and consumers.

Rory grew up on a mixed grain and cattle farm in east-central Alberta and has always had a passion for the science of agriculture. He completed both a BSc in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Plant Science at the University of Alberta, and a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Saskatchewan. Rory joined Corteva Agriscience in 2008 as a field scientist and subsequently served as a project leader for cereal herbicide research in Canada and North America before taking his current role. 

"Innovation is at the heart of everything we do in Corteva Agriscience and the entire 5000+ strong global R & D organization is committed to finding novel solutions to the complex challenges that limit the productivity, profitability or sustainability of farmers here in Canada and abroad".