Zorvec™ Active


Disease Control for Specialty Crops

Zorvec™ active is a game-changing technology to battle some of the costliest diseases like downy mildew and late blight in potatoes, grapes, vegetables and other specialty crops. It offers growers an unmatched combination of consistency and control, leading to higher-quality crops and ultimately helping to achieve higher yields.

How is Zorvec™ Active Equipping Farmers?

Farmers around the world trust Zorvec to protect their crops. Learn more below.

Crops Protected

Crops Protected

Zorvec excels at protecting potatoes, tomatoes, grapes, cucurbits and other vegetables in countries around the world.

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Diseases Controlled

Diseases Controlled

Zorvec combats downy mildew and late blight in cucumbers, grapes, potatoes and tomatoes.

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Countries Available

Countries Available

Zorvec is effective in a range of climate and temperature conditions around the world.

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What is Unique About Zorvec™ Active?

Zorvec delivers an unmatched combination of consistency and control that can be used every season to help achieve a better crop, even under challenging environmental conditions. It delivers 3 to 4 more days of disease control than the competition, is rainfast after 20 minutes and offers protection of new growth.

Realize Higher Profit Potential with Improved Yields


Zorvec is highly effective at protecting new growth after application. The high systemic and rapid translaminar activity of Zorvec spreads quickly to new areas of the crop, enhancing stand establishment and contributing to healthier, high-yielding plants. This can result in better-quality produce and higher profit potential for growers.

Save Time with Longer Application Intervals


Zorvec provides three to four more days of consistency and control compared with the next-longest competitive application intervals. This reduces the number of applications needed to control disease and saves time.

Increase Productivity with a 20-Minute Rainfast Application


Zorvec enters plants quickly and is rainfast in as little as 20 minutes, a critical benefit that can help reduce application costs for growers.


How Is Zorvec Contributing to Sustainability?

Because less product is needed to be effective, Zorvec has a lower environmental impact. Additionally, Zorvec has a favorable toxicological profile to nontarget organisms. Zorvec offers a new mode of action and is therefore a new tool for resistance management.

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A Broad Line of Crop Protection

The discovery and development of Zorvec was made possible by the world-class research and development program of Corteva Agriscience. These investments in people, technologies and facilities have resulted in a deep product pipeline that farmers worldwide rely on to boost productivity and profitability in a sustainable manner.

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