Rinskor™ Active


The Newest Rice Active in Our Broad Portfolio

Rinskor active, the newest rice ingredient in our leading portfolio, is highly effective at postemergence control of grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds in rice crops. It is also being evaluated for use in other crop systems, including corn and other row crops, aquatics, pasture and land management, fruit, nut trees, turf and orchards. The molecule was discovered by and is proprietary to Corteva Agriscience.

How is Rinskor™ Active Equipping Farmers?

Rinskor active has been launched in several countries. It is being evaluated globally in all major rice crop markets and for secondary uses in other crops. Learn more below.


Crops Protected

Rinskor active has global utility in water-seeded, dry direct-seeded and transplanted rice, as well as other crop systems.

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Weeds Controlled

Rinskor controls grasses, broadleaf and sedge weeds —including many target site-resistant biotypes.

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Countries Available

Rinskor is available in several countries, including China and the U.S.  Additional registrations are expected in the near future.

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What is Unique About Rinskor™ Active?

Rinskor active offers a powerful and differentiated alternative for broad-spectrum weed control compared with other synthetic auxin herbicides. Rinskor is effective at postemergence control of key weeds in rice crops and other crop systems and has a favorable environmental and toxicological profile.

Mitigate Weed Resistance With a Differentiated Mode of Action


The unique chemical characteristics of Rinskor active provide an alternative mode of action and weed management tool in rice crops — including the control of species that have developed target-site resistance to other commonly used herbicidal modes of action like ALS, ACCase, HPPD, propanil, quinclorac, glyphosate and triazine. The use of herbicides with differentiated or new modes of action helps growers fight against resistant weeds.

Control Weeds, Achieve Higher Yield


Rice plants take in less sunlight, oxygen, nutrients and water — and, therefore, produce less energy — when nearby weeds compete for resources. Due to the alternative mode of action for weed control, Rinskor shows selectivity to rice and can be used in all types — including indica, japonica and hybrid rice types — which can help farmers produce a healthy, high-yielding and top-quality rice crop.

Save Time and Resources With Low Use Rates


Rinskor shows good selectivity over a wide window of rice stages. The low use rates range from 5 to 50 g ai/ha, depending on use patterns and target weed species; for broad-spectrum foliar weed control in rice, use rates will be between 20 to 30 g ai/ha. Additional crop and noncrop uses for Rinskor are under evaluation.


How is Rinskor™ Active Contributing to Sustainability?

In both laboratory and field studies, Rinskor active degrades rapidly in soil and aqueous environments. It also has a short half-life and is absorbed quickly in soil, contributing to less environmental, toxicological and ecotoxicological impact.

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Crop Protection for World’s Food Supply

By 2050, the growing world population will require 100 percent more food, and 70 percent of this food must come from technology that improves production efficiency. Crop protection innovations such as Rinskor active are helping control weeds that have the largest impact on food supply, allowing farmers to produce more at affordable prices while maximizing natural resources.

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