Reklemel™ Active

Elevate Your Soil, Elevate Your Harvest

Introducing Reklemel™ active, a unique nematicide from Corteva Agriscience that helps farmers protect crops and preserve the life of the soil for a high quality, abundant harvest. Reklemel provides excellent protection against plant parasitic nematodes while maintaining great compatibility with beneficial soil organisms. 

How is Reklemel™ Active Helping Farmers?

Farmers get the best of both worlds with Reklemel™ active.  It helps them grow yield by protecting the crop from a wide range of damaging nematodes, while promoting healthy and productive soils over time for a sustainable, thriving business.

Crops Protected Reklemel

Reklemel has been developed for use on a wide range of annual and perennial crop groups, fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, root and tuber vegetables, fruits and nuts, herbs and spices, plantation crops, field row crops, small fruits, and berries.

Nematodes Controlled Reklemel

Reklemel is highly selective to plant-parasitic nematodes, enabling root establishment and contributing to healthy crops, high-quality, and abundant harvests. 

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Countries Available Reklemel

Applications for Reklemel registrations have been submitted in various countries around the world including U.S., Canada, Australia, China, Argentina, Mexico, India, and Brazil, with many others to follow in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and APAC.

What is Unique about Reklemel™ Active?

Reklemel™ active is a new generation of chemical nematicide that stands out for its excellent environmental profile, high compatibility with beneficial organisms, and excellent control of damaging plant parasitic nematodes.  

Targeted selectivity


Reklemel is a true nematicide with no insecticidal or fungicidal activity. Because of its unique mode of action, Reklemel works at low application rates to precisely control plant-parasitic nematodes while having minimal impact on beneficial nematodes and other non-target species that play an important role in sustaining soil productivity over time.




Flexible and easy to apply


Reklemel was developed with farmers in mind. It provides them with a powerful nematode management tool that is also very flexible and easy to use. Reklemel has an excellent fit with a broad range of application technologies and precision application methods, and can be applied as a preplant, at-plant or in-crop product – giving farmers more options to get great control of damaging nematodes.




Excellent fit within INM and IPM practices


Reklemel has an excellent fit in Integrated Nematode Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs globally, due to several factors, including selective control of damaging plant-parasitic nematodes while retaining beneficial soil organisms. This nematicide is compatible with other soil applied commercial biological products, has a favorable profile and is easy to use.

Farmers who use Reklemel in combination with cultural, mechanical, and biological management practices in local INM and IPM strategies will help improve soil health, reduce yield and quality losses, and reduce environmental impact compared to many alternative nematicides.

How is Reklemel™ Active Contributing to Sustainability?

At Corteva we’re dedicated to protecting the land, crop yields, and the long-term success of the agriculture industry. We know that soil health, water, and biodiversity are all interconnected to deliver benefits for an affordable and abundant food supply.

Thanks to its unique attributes, when launched, Reklemel™ active will significantly contribute to our goal of improving farmers’ livelihoods and operations while conserving resources and sustaining the land.

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A Broad Line of Crop Protection

Reklemel™ active starts at the roots to protect the crop and the soil.  It helps enable higher yield potential and quality across a wide range of annual and perennial crop groups, including fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, root and tuber vegetables, fruits and nuts, herbs and spices, plantation crops, field row crops, small fruits and berries.

Our Innovation


Reklemel™ is not registered for sale or use in all countries or states.  Contact your local pesticide regulatory agency to determine if this product is registered for sale or use in your area. For the countries and states where Reklemel is not registered, this is not an offer to sell.