Pyraxalt™ Active


A Small Change for Big Results.

To gain more confidence in the rice crop earlier in the season, farmers only need to make one simple change. Pyraxalt™ active, a chemistry with a different mode of action, provides 21 to 25 days of hopper control. It helps immediately stop insects from feeding on crops while conserving beneficial insects. In field trials, Pyraxalt outperformed the next best competitor time and time again, with higher-yielding rice almost 90 percent of the time.

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How is Pyraxalt™ Active Equipping Farmers?

Pyraxalt active helps farmers grow a stronger, healthier crop because it offers outstanding, long-lasting control of rice hoppers and helps conserve beneficial insects. Learn more below.


Crops Protected

Pyraxalt active protects rice crops through all growth stages when applied during early growth.

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Insects Controlled

Brown planthoppers, small brown planthoppers, White-backed planthoppers and green leaf hoppers.

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Countries Available

Pyraxalt is registered in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea and India.

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What is Unique About Pyraxalt™ Active?

Pyraxalt™ active controls hoppers that other products can’t. Exposing only one generation of planthoppers to Pyraxalt is the single-most powerful resistance management strategy. It is fast-acting, providing protection from feeding damage and insect-transmitted diseases, all leading to cleaner, greener stems and more productive tillers. In field trials, Pyraxalt delivered higher-yielding rice almost 90 percent of the time compared with the next-best competitor.

Complete Growth Stage Hopper Control With Fewer Applications


Growers can realize the most effective control of hoppers by using Pyraxalt active during the vegetative stage. One application provides 21 to 25 days of planthopper control. Then, by following up with an alternative mode of action pesticide three weeks later during the reproductive and ripening stage, growers can effectively control hoppers with fewer applications per season than alternatives.

Realize Cleaner, Greener and Healthier Crops


By protecting against hoppers during early growth stages, when the rice crop is at its most vulnerable to direct and indirect insect damage, crops will be stronger and look cleaner, greener and healthier. This leads to more productive tillers and bountiful harvests for growers. Pyraxalt quickly targets hoppers at low use rates and maintains control with strong residual activity. It has a favorable environmental profile and helps conserve beneficial insects and hopper enemies, such as spiders.

Control Hoppers That Have Developed Metabolic Resistance


Exposing only one generation of planthoppers to Pyraxalt is the single-most powerful resistance management strategy possible. Growers can use Pyraxalt to control hoppers that have become metabolically resistant to other insecticides like neonicotinoids, all with a lower ecological risk profile.


How is Pyraxalt™ Active Contributing to Sustainability?

Sequential applications of Pyraxalt active, followed by a chemistry with a different mode of action, such as pymetrozine, target hoppers with a minimal impact on beneficial insects. These combination applications reduce the total number of sprays.

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Crop Protection for the World's Food Supply

Planthoppers can wreak havoc in unprotected rice crops, causing direct damage and spreading serious rice virus diseases. Even with crop protection, 20 percent to 40 percent of food is lost every year to pests. Products containing Pyraxalt™ active help control pests that threaten to waste natural resources, transmit crop diseases and reduce production.

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