Inatreq™ Active


A New Active Ingredient for Cereal Crop Disease Control

Inatreq active is a breakthrough new fungicide for the control of key diseases in cereals and bananas. Inatreq delivers outstanding performance and excellent results, helping farmers to keep on farming and carry on thriving.

How is Inatreq™ Active Equipping Farmers?

A resistance management solution with no cross-resistance to existing fungicides, Inatreq active is a new option for farmers to protect their cereal crops. Learn more below.


Crops Protected

Inatreq active soon will be available for use in major cereal and banana-producing countries.

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Diseases Controlled

Inatreq active protects against septoria leaf blotch, yellow rust, brown rust and other cereal diseases.

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Countries Available

Inatreq active is pending registration in Europe for first use by farmers in 2021, and in other relevant cereal countries globally (including New Zealand, North Africa, East Africa, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine).
Inatreq products will soon be available in MesoAndean banana.

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What is Unique About Inatreq™ Active?

Inatreq active delivers superior efficacy on key cereal diseases like septoria leaf blotch, helping to make farmers’ businesses more profitable, reduce time pressure and make farming more enjoyable. Inatreq is naturally derived, has excellent application flexibility, achieves uniform crop coverage, and offers curative control and long residual performance for preventive treatments. The result is improved crop management supporting increased yields and higher-quality harvests. With low usage rates and fast biodegradation, Inatreq also fits into an environmentally conscious approach.

Protect Crops, Improve Yield and Grow the Business


Inatreq active is an innovative cereal fungicide that protects farmers’ crops, yields and the farms that they love. It offers superior disease control, flexibility in application and market-leading performance. Inatreq brings confidence and security to growers by delivering controlled performance and superb results, reducing time pressure, contributing to easier crop management and delivering more consistent performance in varying conditions.

Gain the Benefits of a New, More Effective Target Site


As the first member of a new class of cereal fungicides called picolinamides, Inatreq active works on a new target site that differs from other existing cereal fungicides. It can be used as part of an effective risk management strategy to prevent resistance development. Inatreq has no cross-resistance to existing chemistries, including triazoles, strobilurins, SDHIs or multisites, making it an essential resistance management tool.

Realize Higher-quality Grains, Better Yield and Increased Profit Potential


Inatreq active helps deliver increased yields and improved grain quality due to its market-leading curative and protectant control on all Septoria spp. strains and other diseases. It displays excellent application flexibility and delivers outstanding levels of crop safety, offering more opportunities to spray.

Increase Productivity with a Long-lasting, Rainfast Application


In cereal crops, Inatreq active enters plants quickly and offers excellent residual performance that lasts between four and six weeks, a critical benefit that can help reduce application costs for growers. With an optimized formulation, Inatreq provides uniform coverage across the leaf surface and can be applied at low usage rates, minimizing the total amount of active ingredient applied to the field.


How Is Inatreq™ Active Contributing to Sustainability?

Inatreq active shows market-leading efficacy in controlling Septoria spp., which will help improve profitability for farmers, reduce time pressure, and make farming more enjoyable and sustainable over time.

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A Broad Line of Crop Protection

Diseased crops present a constant challenge for modern cereal growers. They produce lower yields, and therefore produce less energy. Proven active ingredients like Inatreq active help provide vital support in ongoing efforts to produce high-quality, high-yield cereal crops.

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