Arylex™ Active


Herbicide Excels at Broadleaf Weed Control

Arylex active is an innovative herbicide that offers selective postemergence control of many common and economically damaging broadleaf weeds in cereals, winter oilseed rape, sunflower and forage brassica. Arylex is also used as burn down herbicide before soybean and corn planting. It's effective at low use rates, has a favorable environmental profile and performs well across various climate conditions.

How is Reklemel™ Active Helping Farmers?

Farmers get the best of both worlds with Reklemel™.  It helps them grow yield by protecting the crop from a wide range of damaging nematodes, while promoting healthy and productive soils over time for a sustainable, thriving business.

Crops Protected

Arylex™ active protects many crops: cereals (spring and winter wheat, durum wheat, spelt, spring and winter barley, rye and triticale), winter oilseed rape, sunflower and forage brassica. Arylex is also used as burn down herbicide before soybean and corn planting.

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Weeds Controlled

Arylex controls annual broadleaf weeds in cereals, forage brassica, winter oilseed rape and burndown.

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Countries Available

Arylex is effective in a range of climate and soil conditions around the world.

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What is Unique About Arylex™ Active?

Arylex provides a broad range of benefits compared with other synthetic auxin herbicides. Learn more about how Arylex is unique in efficacy across a variety of weeds and variable conditions.

Save Time and Money with Lower Dose Rates


Arylex is unique compared with other synthetic auxin herbicides due to superior efficacy at low dose rates. As few as 5 to 10 grams of active ingredient per hectare after emergence can effectively control many common and invasive broadleaf weeds, including susceptible ALS and glyphosate-resistant species.

Use Arylex™ Active During a Range of Seasons and Climates


Arylex is highly effective in numerous climate conditions, including cold, wet conditions encountered in late autumn or early spring. Unlike most growth regulator herbicides, the activity of Arylex on target weeds is not significantly influenced by temperature, so control can be achieved under cold (inactive periods of weed growth) and under warm conditions (with active growth).

Take Advantage of a Wide Spray Window


Arylex can be applied to a diverse selection of winter and spring cereals between early leaf development through boot growth stages, offering a wide spray window and flexibility to farmers. The molecule stays in plants until the weather is warmer and then begins to break down.

Experience Unrivaled Freedom to Rotate Crops


Farmers have unrivaled freedom to rotate crops with Arylex™ active. The formula rapidly degrades in soil and plant residues, making it convenient to sow a variety of common, autumn-sown rotational crops and catch crops in cereals. It also allows for a short preplant interval for burndown application in row crops.


How Is Arylex™ Active Contributing to Sustainability?

The environmental profile of Arylex stands out among other synthetic auxin herbicides due to the low dose rate and superior efficacy. Arylex breaks down quickly in soil, which means crop restrictions in the following season are minimal.

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A Broad Line of Crop Protection

Corteva Agriscience is the global leader in herbicides for cereals, and the discovery and development of Arylex active was made possible by its world-class research and development program. Those investments in people, technologies and facilities have resulted in a deep product pipeline that farmers worldwide rely on to boost productivity and profitability.

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